Meet the Newest Member of the Forbes Coaches Council!

I’m excited to announce that I have been invited to join the Forbes Coaching Council,  an invitation-only organization comprised of leading executive business coaches and career coaches. And my first contribution was recently posted – you can read it here.... read more

Four Exercises to Develop Self-Awareness

You’ve seen the headlines: “Five Point Plan to Get Your Dream Job.” “Seven Steps to a Better Relationship with Your Team.” Or the perennial favorite, “Three Easy Tricks to Lose 10 Pounds in Five Days!” We love checklists, don’t we? Somehow, it’s comforting to boil a... read more

What’s Fueling Your Engine?

If my social media activity is any indication, the story of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s viral meltdown resonated with a lot of people. My post on the emotional intelligence lessons to be learned from this episode drew an amazing amount of response! Most of the... read more

Ethical Leadership for Human Resource Professionals

There is no shortage of the need for ethical leadership within the human resource profession. The current economy challenges people’s sense of ethics; our sense of right and wrong becomes warped in tough times, yet that is when we most need our ethical leaders. Where... read more