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Kelly Mannel has a proven track record in developing exceptional organizations, leaders and talent. Her approach inspires people to open their minds to greater possibilities for themselves and their businesses.

Executive Coaching

We help executives who are leading organizations to reveal their potential and create goal-driven results faster — directly improving performance at the leadership level, evolving the individual. Learn more…

Leadership Development

Kelly Mannel’s Leadership Development involves highly-facilitated coursework customized for the organization. Learn more… 

Keynote Speaker

Setting the stage for high-energy and engaged learning, Kelly Mannel inspires her audience at your next conference or event.  Learn more…

Executive Coaching

Individual Executive Coaching provides a one-on-one customized leadership experience for senior and executive management.

Kelly and her team provide a coaching framework based upon competency development and researched approaches. Kelly will build a relationship based upon mutual trust and a set of established objectives outlined by mutually agreed upon expectations.

Though each offering follows a framework, each experience is customized to fit the growth and development of the individual. Compassionate coaching takes into consideration the alignment and understanding of the growing needs and desires of each individual and organization.

This includes high quality assessments and a confidential, safe environment for growth.

Coaching with Compassion

Coaching with compassion allows the individual to focus on invoking his/her ideal self to initiate the process and vision for what they feel success will look like.

Kelly will offer assessments and executive level reading and role play to allow the individual to explore new options relative to their growth. 

Once the objectives have been established with the leadership, Kelly offers weekly meetings with the executive to begin to outline a plan of action. Using a methodical process, a workable plan is formed to present to the organization for periodic review. Occasional meetings with the individual and his/her supervisor may be necessary in order to maintain alignment with the process.

Maintaining confidentiality and trust, Kelly listens, provides support, offers solutions and new approaches to address challenges. The individual may also be offered executive level reading materials, video, audio, webinar sessions to supplement education and growth.


Develop Objectives


Outline Plan of Action


Meet to Work the Plan

I feel that this time [with Kelly Mannel] has allowed me to grow my business and personal life; it has reinvigorated my quest for knowledge, put my head back in books (personal study), and basically taught me to understand what components are necessary to become an effective leader. Kelly’s patience, intelligence and ability to convey the answers to my questions many different ways to ensure I understood sets her apart from any regular teacher.

— Dan Cruze, Malnove

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development involves highly-facilitated coursework customized for the organization. Assessments are selected and used based on analyzing the environment. This high-level training is certified by the Center for Creative Leadership.

Leadership Development might involve: executive assessments, focus groups, organizational surveys and diagnostics, performance management, strategic planning retreats and mission/vision/values development.

Courses include:

  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Internal and External Career Exploration
  • Performance Management
  • Pre-Hire Screening
  • Talent Management


Work with Kelly on Leadership Development Now

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Keynote Speaker

Setting the stage for high-energy and engaged learning, Keynote Speaker Kelly Mannel inspires her audience at your next conference or event.

Kelly connects with her audience in her presentations. She brings the latest in research to her audience through clear examples, humor and a connectedness. When Kelly speaks, each person in the audience feels like she is talking directly to them.

Explore Kelly’s Speaking Topics

 From intimate groups to audiences of more than 500+, Kelly is comfortable and engaging on every level.

Click on the topics below to learn more.

How Emotional Intelligence Can Create a Better Bottom Line

EQReview the history of social and emotional intelligence, and learn industry examples of how EI skills and competencies are applied in historically successful organizations. Discover the importance of EI in creating a performance culture that helps organizations develop leaders, retain the right people and realign efforts to achieve goals. 

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

EQThis brief and highly interactive overview of the Emotional Intelligence framework presents significant business cases for EI in both industry and the military. The discussion focuses on both the personal and professional benefits of applying EI and social competence in the workplace and our personal lives.

Day-to-Day Emotional Intelligence

For individuals and organizations who want to continue to grow their knowledge of day-to-day applications of EI in the workplace and life. Discover additional practical tips and techniques that apply to all industries and day-to-day living.

Using Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Many organizations now understand that it is important to develop EI skills in the workplace but are not exactly sure how to go about it. Discover practical tips and techniques that apply to all industry groups. Learn how to make EI work in your organization.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

For organizations with an EI initiative who would like to deepen their knowledge of EI applications in the workplace, including: HR Recruitment, Performance Management, Civility, Diversity & Inclusion.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Emotional Intelligence

An advanced discussion of the relationship of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Emotional Intelligence skills, abilities and characteristics.

Global Talent Management: Strategy Lessons from Zappos

Global talent management uses best practices to identify talent and optimize performance in today’s workplace. Bottom line; it means people matter. This discussion presents the argument that traditional management practices are obsolete due to the speed of change and that the younger generation has truly different values. They are also generally better informed and respond differently to organizational cues. Examples from Tony Hisieh, CEO of Zappos, provide enlightening insights about addressing this, and his book, “Delivering Happiness”, clearly shows that a different value proposition is required for this generation.

Choosing Civility in the Workplace

Civility in the workplace is often not a priority in the high-speed, high-tech world we now live and work in. Choosing civility, however, is a skill of emotionally intelligent people that positively impacts both performance and productivity in the workplace. Not only is civility part of a social construct that fosters good relations among workers; it is absolutely necessary to the continued growth and prosperity of organizations.

Ethical Leadership in Human Resources

HR leaders must straddle the needs of both management and employee constituents, and in a tough economy a well-developed internal ethical compass is much needed. HR leaders who are well versed in law, strategy, and ethical leadership can provide a guide post and sound advice. But In order to maximize professional and personal effectiveness as an ethical leader, it is also necessary to dig deep within and find our own moral compass. This talk provides a working knowledge of ethical leadership and its possible influences in order to assess our moral compass and modify our direction when necessary.

Moving Towards Inclusion

Kelly’s body of work and extensive research have led to the conclusion that a strong relationship exists between competencies in the Emotional Intelligence spectrum, HR initiatives of Diversity & Inclusion, and culture in successful organizations. She examines why so many Diversity & Inclusion initiatives fail, and shows through the development of EI skills, how we can create an Inclusive environment; enabling every person to feel welcome, respected, supported and valued as a part of the organization. In order for a company to achieve its business goals, we must be able to recognize and leverage the talent within our organizations, then create an empowering culture that allows people to do their best work.

The Neuroanatomy of a Leader: Harness Your Secret Power, Become a Super Leader

An interactive and lively leadership keynote that engages the audience using Daniel Goleman’s EI framework of self-awareness, regulation, motivation, empathy, and effective relationships.  The audience will be asked to focus on their dreams and passions, using music and visuals to demonstrate the possibilities EI offers in our lives.

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I recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Kelly on how emotional intelligence can create a better bottom line. Her content was clearly relevant and had profound implications for organizational improvement. She is a wonderful speaker, engaging her audience with warmth, intelligence and humor. I left smiling and with my brain buzzing with possible applications for what I had just learned.

— Linda O’Connell, Learnologie