Success is an Inside Job

Enjoy the journey to growing your leadership from the inside out.


About this Event

Good News! we all have the capacity for to grow our emotional intelligence and enhance our leadership success. In this two-day immersive workshop, Gayle Van Gils and Kelly Mannel will take you through the four paths to success: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.


Gayle and Kelly will guide you through interactive modules, meditations and mindful walks by the river in this four-part series:


Whether you are coming for personal or professional leadership success, or to bring key concepts back to your organization, here is what you’ll take away:

  • Renewed Purpose. You will discover and define both personal and organizational purpose
  • Increased Resilience. You will learn from failure and obstacles
  • Deeper Empathy and Compassion. You will develop skills and tools to inspire creativity and cooperation.
  • Improved Relationships. You will learn to improve relationships and hold important conversations.
  • Reduced Stress Response
  • Improved Mindfulness

Gayle Van Gils, MBA; SIY Certified Teacher; Certified CTT Consultant; Founder and CEO of Transform Your Culture LLC.

Gayle is an award winning author, leadership consultant, and life coach whose approach opens both the minds and hearts of her clients. Her intuitive, direct and caring process supports greater focus, engagement and connection, and a productive and compassionate workplace. Gayle’s specialty brings together her extensive experience as a mindfulness teacher with the practical solutions and real-life work she has conducted as a business consultant and executive coach.

Kelly Mannel, SPHR, SCP, CEIC, Founder and President, ImagePartners, Inc.

As the Founder and Principal of ImagePartners, Inc., Kelly Mannel has a proven track record in developing exceptional organizations, leaders and talent. Her approach inspires people to open their minds to greater possibilities for themselves and their businesses. She utilizes and shares industry research and best practices in organizational development, employing leading research on the emerging role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace.


Epping Forrest Yacht Club

Nestled on the banks of Northeast Florida’s St. John’s River, Epping Forest has been a Jacksonville landmark for close to a century.